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*** July 1 - Summer Garden Plant Sale *** October 10 - Elsie Quirk Meeting - First of the 2017-2018 Series *** Plant Propagation Work Sessions Are Ongoing And Meet Weekly *** More Details Below ***

2009 - 2017 Family Garden Club of Englewood, Englewood, FL


Our Objectives

  • Promoting An Active Interest In Gardens, Their Design And Management
  • Cooperating In The Protection Of Wild Flowers, Native Plants And Wild Birds
  • Promoting And Encouraging Civic Interest In Individual Or Private Gardens, Community Plantings And Parks.



  • July 1, 2017, Summer Garden Plant Sale - Saturday, 9:00am to 1:00pm
The Family Garden Club will have a Summer Garden Plant Sale on Saturday, July 1 starting at 9:00am and going until 1:00pm. The garden plant sale will be held at a member’s garden located at 1852 Whispering Pine Circle, Englewood, FL 34223. This street is located off of Englewood Road (highway 776) just next to the Lemon Bay Plaza.
Our Master Gardener, Jim Chandler, reports that we have many different varieties, including some host plants for butterflies. He reports that we have the familiar "old time" FAVORITES that include Cardboard Plant, Cranberry Hibiscus, Blanket Flower, Beach Sunflower, selected Bromeliads, Red Cloak, Variegated Hibiscus, Beauty Berry, Hong Kong Orchid which is a fast growing tree, and Dish Gardens, complete with a tiny gnome. There will be VINES (which need support plants) available and include Bleeding Heart, Grandioso Lily, and Vanilla Orchid (a slow growing plant that needs partial sun and a tree for support). We also have BUTTERFLY HOST PLANTS such as the Dutchman's Pipe Vine, which the Black Swallow tails love and Cariss (both Candlestick Alata and also smaller blossom Bicapsularis) to attract Yellow Sulphurs.  Of course, we have Milkweed for those Monarch's.
Jim also says that we have many of the STANDARD VARIETIES, which are ever popular, and easy to grow. They include Turk's Cap, Glory Bower, Fire Spike (both Red and Purple), and several different varieties of Copperleaf plants. Jim will also be providing us with some SPECIALTY PLANTS and include Mandevillas, Cordyline Fruticosa, & Bamboo (clumping) in pots. There are many more varieties of plants, ALL grown in members backyards here and around Englewood to assure they are easy to grow and thrive.
As in the past, the plants were propagated for this sale to raise money to fund Lemon Bay High School scholarships and other local community projects. At the 2017 awards night at LBHS the club awarded two $2,000 scholarship. One to David Kappelmann and the other to Sarah Lown. The money was raised from the previous plant sales. We thank you all for your patronage and support of our sales.
  • October 10, 2017, First Meeting of the 2017-2018 Series, at  10:00am at the Elsie Quirk Library 
Information will be posted soon.
  • Plant Propagation Work Sessions Are Ongoing
The plant  propagation committee resumed the plant propagation work sessions for the coming year. We meet weekly on Tuesday mornings (except for the scheduled monthly club meetings).  We meet at 8:30am at Paul's yard. If you need directions send an e-mail through the contact page. If you are interested in learning about plants and propagation in this area of Florida this is a fantatsic opportunity. Please feel free to joins us. Membership is not required.
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